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A tropical island known for ring-shaped coral reefs, crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, and mesmerizing views, Maldives is a paradise for tourists. The Maldives offers unforgettable experiences to its guests. The Maldives consists of a total of 1190 coral islands each one more beautiful than the other. The cultures and traditions of Maldives are influenced by India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Arab, etc., this cultural mix adds up to the heritage of the Maldives. Holding a vibrant local life, flora, and fauna, numerous types of fishes Maldives is by far the most visited international destination by travellers from all around the globe. The Maldives is home to nature seekers, honeymooners, and adventure enthusiasts as it offers great scenic views and a soothing climate. Around 1,192 coral atolls and 192 islands make for an unparalleled diving and snorkelling experience in the Indian Ocean.

Best time to visit the Maldives
The Maldives has a pleasant climate all-round the year. Maldives experiences mainly two seasons wet and dry. May to November is believed to be the best time to visit the Maldives. You may experience unexpected mild showers in the dry season as well. The wet season is the perfect time for surfing and scuba diving. On the other hand, the dry season is just suitable for hiking.

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